Currently, the following alerts types are available via text message, email, and app push notification.

  • Balance Update
  • Low Balance & High Balance
  • Large Withdrawal
  • Large Deposit
  • Check Cleared  (not available as app push notification)
  • Loan Payment Due
  • Loan Payment Overdue
  • Maturity Date
  • Personal Message (not available as app push notification)
  • Real-Time Debit Card Transaction Alerts - this is available with the SecurLOCK Equip App only, click here to learn more about SecurLOCK Equip.

You can setup and edit alerts in three places:

  • VeraBank Online Banking
    1. Login to VeraBank online banking
    2. Go to Other Services > Text Banking & Alerts
    3. Click on Add an Alert
  • VeraBank Mobile Apps
    1. Login to the VeraBank app
    2. Tap on "More"
    3. Tap on the(gear) icon in the upper right-hand corner
    4. Go to Push Notifications
    5. Tap the button to the right of the alert you wish to enable; tap the blue dollar amount to change the amount for the alert
  • SecurLOCK Equip App